Promoting literacy in schools, soothing fears in the courthouse, comforting pediatric patients, medically fragile children, cognitively and physically challenged children, and teens struggling with anxiety, stress and grief.

About Our Programs

Positively impacting thousands of children throughout Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Roxy Therapy Dogs’ programs provide a unique, irreplaceable, dependable support system for children. These programs would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of our certified volunteer pet therapy teams. These services are entirely free of charge for families, schools and taxpayers.

Our Programs


What happens when a child interacts with a therapy dog?

boy_dog_outside1Research has shown that magical things happen when a child interacts with an Emotional Pet Therapy Team. Anxiety levels decrease, heartbeat slows, breathing becomes deeper and more relaxed, and fears are forgotten. When a child feels calm and secure, not only is learning possible but physical and emotional healing are achieved.